marți, 1 martie 2011

new store Windows on the World

Hi... A new store is in starplazza called Windows on the World. Thes two floores are for Brazil/BrasilMost are non-ss and the prices are quite reasonable.I like it.. you too?

                                                                                                                                xoxo Emma

vineri, 25 februarie 2011

New store

New store new store is available on straplaza...Evening Falls.I like very much this shop, in my opinion has very interesting pieces that we can use to decorate ours suites. The prices are between 7 stardollars and go till 23 stardollars.

                                                                                                                                   xoxo Emma

miercuri, 23 februarie 2011

sale 50% in Starplaza

Super sale in Starplaza, only for Superstar! The sale are in Decades, Bisou, Tingeling, Stardoll, Pretty in Pink, Rio and Fallen Angel. 

                                                                                                                                                 xoxo Emma

duminică, 20 februarie 2011

duminică, 13 februarie 2011


Brooklyn Decker (born April 12, 1987) is an American fashion model best known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, including the cover of the 2010 issue. In addition to working for Victoria's Secret for the 2010 "Swim" collection, she has ventured into television with guest appearances on Chuck, Ugly Betty and Royal Pains. She is married to American tennis player Andy Roddick.

Decker was born in Kettering, Ohio. She and her family moved to Middletown, Ohio, then to Charlotte, North Carolina, where she was discovered in a shopping mall as a teenager. Decker began her modeling career as the face of Mauri Simone, a popular prom dress maker. She won the 2003 Model of the Year award at the Connections Model and Talent Convention.

Decker has been featured in pictorials in Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, FHM, and Glamour, and has modeled for The Gap, Intimissimi and Victoria's Secret. She has appeared in music videos for Jimmy Buffett and the band 3 Doors Down. She is also an avid Tar Heel basketball and Carolina Panthers fan.

                                                       xoxo Momtom

sâmbătă, 12 februarie 2011

Winner of the contest

Hello everyone! It's time to officially announce the winner of the latest competition . I know that it's a little bit late, but better now than never XD
 The winner is Pink_Vampir  and she won 90 stardollars and 2 weeks of superstar membership.

xoxo Momtom

miercuri, 9 februarie 2011

Starplaza Changes

Now when we press the fashion button to see all the store i notice on the left down corner a little button that it says bigger, if you press it you can see the stores in bigger photos with a litthe dress in order to understand the theme of the store.As you can see in th picture below.

xoxo Momtom

joi, 3 februarie 2011

A new celebrity on Stardoll

Minka Kelly...

Minka Dumont Kelly (born June 24, 1980) is an American actress. She starred in the NBC series Friday Night Lights as Lyla Garrity from 2006 to 2009.
Kelly was born in Los Angeles, California.She is the only child of former Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay and Maureen Kelly, an exotic dancer and single mother who often moved with her daughter to different communities before settling in Albuquerque, New Mexico, by the time Minka was in junior high school.She is of Irish and French descent.
At 19, after graduating from Valley High School in Albuquerque NM, Kelly returned to Los Angeles. While on a test shoot for a modeling agency, she was approached by a former Playboy Playmate interested in managing her, and who placed Kelly as a receptionist at a surgeon's office who would provide Kelly breast augmentation in exchange for hours worked. She ultimately chose against the procedure, leading to her being fired. However, the exposure to the medical field prompted her to attend school for a year to become a surgeon's assistant; afterward, she worked as a scrub tech. She spent four years in that vocation while also auditioning as an actress before landing the new NBC television drama Friday Night Lights, based on the high school football movie of that name. In the interim, she had small roles in movies and shows, including the film State's Evidence, and a recurring guest role on the TV sitcom What I Like About You.
She shot a cameo for The Kingdom, alongside Jamie Foxx. Peter Berg, the creator and pilot director of Friday Night Lights, directed the film. Kelly was the lead actor on the The CW's 2009 pilot Body Politic, which did not go to series. Kelly was a member of the ensemble quartet that starred in the CBS comedy pilot True Love, playing Kate, a Midwestern girl who falls in love with Henry at the top of the Empire State Building, but was replaced by Sarah Chalke.
Kelly appeared with Alyson Hannigan, Jaime King, Emily Deschanel, and Katharine McPhee in a video slumber party featured on to promote regular breast cancer screenings for the organization Stand Up 2 Cancer.[8]
In 2010, Kelly was named "Sexiest Woman Alive" in the annual Esquire magazine feature.
Kelly is joining the cast of the upcoming TV series Charlie's Angels.

                                                                                                                          xoxo popstar_girl10

Pretty in Pink Heart Shop

Stardoll is getting ready for Valentine's Day. 
There is a new Pretty in pink collection called Pretty in pink of
Valentine's day  and it is full of pretty clothes. Don't you like 
them ? Aren't they adorable yet stilish ?

                                                                                             xoxo Momtom

luni, 31 ianuarie 2011

Competition finalists

These are the last competition finalists! Vote for the best makeup!
The prize is 2 weeks of ss membership and 90 sd

duminică, 30 ianuarie 2011

Hey, it's Samantha here. Another new store in Stardoll called the Tokyo PopShop, personally, I think that it has some pretty awesome stuff. You can find some pretty neat stuff in here. For example, origami to hang from the ceiling. We also see some bath tubs, chairs, shelfs, and pretty much everything to make your suite look sweet! (: Also, about the PopShop is that as you can see, it is Tokyo, which is like Japan, so we will find some things that are mentioned in Japan, and what there way of living is like. Pretty cool, huh! [:

To visit the Tokyo PopShop Click This Link: Go to Decor, and you will see the shop listed. Thanks (:


luni, 24 ianuarie 2011

MODE Magazine

Hello. MODE Magazine has been released! It's a new stardoll magazine and I actually love this issue. It's better than the other ones.
Check it out (HERE)

sâmbătă, 22 ianuarie 2011


It 's time for another COMPETITION!
What I want you to do to win  90 sd and 2 weeks of ss membership?
Make a makeup inspired by a celebrity, printscreen it, upload it to and leave the link in comments!
I am doing these competitions to get more members, so if you wanna enter it you have to invite 3 persons to follow the blog!

Last day to enter : 31.01.2011
                                                                                                                           xoxo Momtom

luni, 17 ianuarie 2011

New writer!

Hey dear readers, I want to inform you that there`s a new writer in SFM...

Yep it`s me!
Thanks to Michaela, the person who suggested me as a writer and -of course! - Emma, who accepted me, I`m here to tell you all about the latest stylish rumors and trendy gossips in Starplaza and, of course, how to make clever buys without spending all you dollars! So keep an eye on new posts and I promise I will not disappoint you!

90 milion members

Stardoll has reached a very large number of members, over 90 million

50% back on all purchases up to 90 stardollars this weekend.....:D

duminică, 16 ianuarie 2011

vineri, 14 ianuarie 2011


 This is something i worked for today. I really like ii! i hope you like it too

The winner if the first Competition is....

She got over 80 votes ! her outfit was just amazing!
*She won 90 SD and 2 weeks SS membership

Sponsored by popstar_girl10 

vineri, 7 ianuarie 2011

marți, 4 ianuarie 2011

1st Competition!

Hello everyone! We reached 30 followers so we're getting started wih the first competition! 
The prize will be.... 2 weeks of ss membership and 100 sd!!!

To enter the competition you must dressup using at least one PPQ item (but not accessories) from the newest floor!

For your entry to be takeu under consideration invite at least 2 people to follow the blog and write their names in comments after they follow! 
Sign up untill the 7th of January!

Good luck everyone!

x Emma

duminică, 2 ianuarie 2011



Dkny now appears again in 2011?
New collections that fascinate us?
What do you think about it?


The new makeup of the gorgeous luxe full of color appeared in starplaza.


Ppq new collection of gold and black and full of beautiful clothes.
Now appears in starplaza.

XoXo  popstar_girl10

sâmbătă, 1 ianuarie 2011


That's right...PERILICE2,who won the Miss Stardoll World contest,now has her own Star-DOLL,just like a true celeb! 

So,if you are a Superstar,go ahead and check out her doll and clothes!Visit her suite and tell us what you think! (:


May this year be full of joy .!!!